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Asian Food Lovers Rejoice! Thus–thy food blog is born. by James Nguyen
April 14, 2009, 1:57 am
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asian foodFood plays a peculiar place in society.  For some of us, its just a mere speck of importance the in timeline of existence; a necessity to continue to live.  For others, its mysteries and tastes are exalted to a level of nirvana worship–a worthy endeavor or a means unto itself.  To be labeled a “foodie” was to brand yourself as ‘one of those’ people who make food, and its requisite consumption, a delectable hobby.

I lay somewhere in between, and my lovely girlfriend happily admits she lies on the foodie extreme side.  This blog is a tribute to her peculiar eating wills and our collective adventures in foodland here in what we call..”west coast”.  Both of us are asian, and our eating palettes are admittedly and unashamedly also–my mother was a chef and her mother also a chef so that gives us both a leg up on what is good, the bad, and the downright awful.

So please enjoy with us and provide comments, post as much as you like–Our hope is that these tidbits and these dishes galore are useful to all of us who enjoy asian food  so we can taste and tell all.