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Hand Roll by dena04
April 14, 2009, 10:04 am
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This is so much easier to make than a sushi roll. All you do is cut the sheet of seaweed in half, transfer some rice over the half sheet of seaweed, add topings such as tuna/salmon/tempura, avocado, cucumber, daikon, and carrots. The last step is to roll the sheet into the shape seen in the picture. It’s good to have a “hand roll” party–just remember to cut all the ingredients out and have guest pack them together.2860_695532779631_6002002_42104142_7976528_n

Seafood Salad by dena04
April 14, 2009, 9:39 am
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I absolutely love seafood salads; I order this at every sushi restaurant. One day a friend of mine was teaching me how to make a seafood bowl, the same thing as a seafood salad except for the rice she added. I went home one day and looked for the recipe online. I spent 50 bucks on this because I had to buy three different types of seafood: salmon, tuna, and squid. These three combination alone cost 23 bucks. I bought all the other ingredients that I remembered from eating at sushi restaurants: salmon, tuna, squid, seaweed, lettuce, scallion, daikon, pickled carrots, pickled radish, salmon roe, and ginger.  All there is to the sauce is ponzu/yuzu sauce, water, brown sugar, lemon/lime/orange juice.n6002002_40153834_91181

Udon by dena04
April 14, 2009, 9:09 am
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I woke up today and did not know what I was going to make for lunch. I normally don’t cook at all–I just like to eat. I looked online for a recipe but most of the recipes I looked at were too complicated. I called a friend and she told me to boil apples with water to make the broth. The other important element is miso sauce (mirin/light soy sauce base to make the broth flavorful–I bet it’s soysauce and water and sugar). I boiled the udon noodles in a seperate pot with a strainer. Once the udon noodles were ready, I poured them in to a bowl and added the miso sauce along with all the other ingredients that I like. I am a seafood person so I added shrimp. In order for an udon noodle to be an udon noodle, do not forget to add enoki mushrooms, daikon (radish sprouts), scallions, and dry seaweed. All other topings is up to you. I spent 15 bucks on everything–it fed 7 people!

Asian Food Lovers Rejoice! Thus–thy food blog is born. by James Nguyen
April 14, 2009, 1:57 am
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asian foodFood plays a peculiar place in society.  For some of us, its just a mere speck of importance the in timeline of existence; a necessity to continue to live.  For others, its mysteries and tastes are exalted to a level of nirvana worship–a worthy endeavor or a means unto itself.  To be labeled a “foodie” was to brand yourself as ‘one of those’ people who make food, and its requisite consumption, a delectable hobby.

I lay somewhere in between, and my lovely girlfriend happily admits she lies on the foodie extreme side.  This blog is a tribute to her peculiar eating wills and our collective adventures in foodland here in what we call..”west coast”.  Both of us are asian, and our eating palettes are admittedly and unashamedly also–my mother was a chef and her mother also a chef so that gives us both a leg up on what is good, the bad, and the downright awful.

So please enjoy with us and provide comments, post as much as you like–Our hope is that these tidbits and these dishes galore are useful to all of us who enjoy asian food  so we can taste and tell all.