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japanPlease place all your japanese food related entries and questions on this page.  To help others who read this blog, please post the name of your dish you tried (at least in  English, and its chinese name too), where you ate it, and whats included in the dish.  Don’t forget to tell everyone whether you recommend it!

Directions: to find Japanese dishes, you can use the search by menu (top right), or by category (japanese food).  or by tag (lower right).

To become a contributor: click on ‘contact us’, and email me your wordpress userid/email and I will add you as a contributor so you can create more food posts for all of us to enjoy!


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I just made udon and maki rolls today. I also made sushi rolls but it’s a hassle. Besides from being a “hassle,” there’s way too much rice in a sushi roll. This makes me full too fast, preventing me from enjoying all the other flavors of a sushi roll. Thus, maki rolls is a better option: you get the flavor and hassle-free preparation.

Comment by Dena

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